List of Services


N.Y.C., Nassau and Westchester County,

City of New Rochelle and Yonkers

Licensed Boiler and Tank Installers.

Horner EZY III Locator Plus Precision

testing – approved by N.Y.S.D.E.C. and

Westchester County Health Department.


• Boiler Installations

• Tank Cleaning and Maintenance

• Tank Testing

• Tank Removal or Put out of Service

• Tank Installation – Fuel oil and Motor Fuels (Gasoline/Diesel).

• Tank Repairs and Welding

• Soil Testing and Remediation


1. Tanks cleaned – any size pumped out by vacuum method and squeegee scraped. All fuel lines steam cleaned if necessary or requested.

2. Tanks tested – any size

Horner EZY III Locator Plus Precision


Isolation testing on tank and individual


3. Tanks installed – any size – Fuel

Oil, Motor Fuel and Domestic Water

Tanks shop built, delivered or erected on


All necessary piping installed

Assist in Architectural consultations and

acquiring necessary Permits

4. Tanks removed – any size

Tanks cleaned and freed of toxic fumes

All piping disconnected and capped

Cut tanks into sections

Tanks removed from premises

5. Tanks Put out of Service in place –

any size

Tanks cleaned and purged of toxic fumes

Filled with inert material

Tanks closed and necessary lines capped

6. Tanks repaired – any size

Tanks cleaned and purged of toxic fumes

All seams welded

Overlapping steel plates welded to tank


Tanks tested to ensure integrity


• 275 gallon tanks repaired by our

state-of-the-art welding procedure.

• Emergency spills – cleaned up.

• Violations removed.

• Temporary tank systems supplied,

installed and connected.

• Secondary containment installed.

• Epoxy coat interior and exterior of


• Monitoring wells installed.

• Tank monitoring systems installed –

mechanical and electric.

• Tank dispenser systems installed.

• Pumps installed.

• Manhole cover assembly’s installed.

• Water tanks lined with food grade


• Water tanks disinfected.

• Hot water tanks lined with cement.

• Boiler room restoration.

• Pipe identification and labeling.

• 3 hour fire rated doors installed.

• Soil testing and remediation.

• GEO probe.

• All certifications and affidavits filed

with appropriate agencies.

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