Site Remediation

Site Remediation

If a fuel oil discharge is detected, A2Z, as a fully licensed environmental company under the New York Department of Environmental Protection’s (NYSDEC’s) Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT) program can quickly and efficiently provide all services necessary for the tank owner to receive a coveted “No Further Action” (NFA) letter from the NYSDEC, resolving all environmental issues at their property.

Remediation services include excavation and proper disposal of fuel oil contaminated soil using field instrumentation to ensure removal, post-excavation soil sampling and laboratory analysis, ground water sampling and laboratory analysis, and installation of borings and ground water monitoring wells.

After all remedial action is conducted, A2Z will produce the extensive environmental reporting necessary for submission to the NYSDEC so the tank owner will receive an NFA letter. As a UHOT licensed contractor, NYSDEC trusts A2Z to properly conduct all necessary remedial actions, so much so that they only review approximately 20% of A2Z’s submitted environmental reports. This trust also results in rapid issuance of NFA letters to the tank owner.

A2Z will work closely with the tank owner’s insurance company in order to ensure that there are no issues when insurance coverage is triggered. A2Z will also work closely with the tank owner in guiding eligible owners through the process of applying for State of New York reimbursement for their cleanup.

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